How to Design a Marine Audio System?

We all know that home and car audio systems are not ideal in aquatic conditions. That’s why Global Marine Renewable Recommended Product for boats was designed. So, if you’re planning to design your own marine stereo system, invest some of your time here by reading and learning some guidelines on how to do it:
Select a stereo.
Coated electronic parts are the feature of marine stereos that protect them from water damage, salt damage, and UV rays damage. Here are the …

How to Market Your Engineering Firm

Are you wondering how to market your engineering firm? You are not alone. It is an uphill task to market an engineering company. However, the naked truth is that if you fail to market yourself, your chances of growth are minimal. Thus, no matter how hard it is, marketing your t shirt printing firm should be your first priority.
So where do you start? Like all marketing strategies, proper planning is the determining factor of success. Since an engineering firm is a pool of scientists and tradesmen, the process of …

Best Smartphone Apps for Engineers

Engineers are thought to be innovators and problem solvers. Whether it’s in the field of construction, transportation, energy resources or medical devices, engineers are constantly finding ways to elevate people’s lives. Fortunately, there are lots of useful smartphone billigste mobilabonnement and apps to make their engineering jobs much easier. Here are the phone applications designed for engineers.
AutoCAD 360
For engineers, Computer-Aided-Design is the …

Here’s Why Engineering Is the Sexiest Job

In a study conducted by a publishing company, the results showed that Engineers are one of those professionals that women would love to have as protagonists in romance novels because they find them sexy. There is another way of thinking but this is most of the survey results tends to.
So what is considered sexy? The word sexy can mean a lot of things. It really depends on how you perceive and use the word. Some take it to mean as seductive, alluring, tempting and the like, while others take…

What is a Coaxial Cable and What are its Uses?

This topic isn’t really for people who do not have interest in top-quality coax cable and stuff. However, assuming that you’re one of those people, and you are here because you absolutely have to be, we will try to make this article as simple and reader-friendly as possible.
What is a Coaxial Cable?
A cable is a group of wires that are in the sheathing. As technology advances, cables have become bigger in number and types. Before, we only had radios and …