Engineers are thought to be innovators and problem solvers. Whether it’s in the field of construction, transportation, energy resources or medical devices, engineers are constantly finding ways to elevate people’s lives. Fortunately, there are lots of useful smartphone billigste mobilabonnement and apps to make their engineering jobs much easier. Here are the phone applications designed for engineers.

AutoCAD 360

For engineers, Computer-Aided-Design is the commonly used software design. If you’re aspiring to become one, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll use a certain version of AutoCAD on a daily basis. Basically, this software can sketch out your designs without a hitch and is now ready to use as a smartphone app. AutoCAD 360 displays and lets you modify DWG files on your tablet or phone. So whether you’re an architect, electrical engineer, a project engineer or any other professional who needs a reliable drafting program, this is certainly a must-have app on your mobile device.


uMath is a specialized calculation app developed to solve mathematical expressions in an instant. What’s great about this is that you can incorporate units in the calculations, eliminating your need of dreary unit conversions. Just type in any expression, and you will have the result with the unit you used. If you need to examine your layout or do a quick calculation, consider downloading this app on your phone. It is more than capable of solving any mathematical expression.


A file-sharing and cloud collaboration tool, this app enables engineers to view, supervise and share CAD files. GrabCAD provides admission to both the private plans kept on GrabCAD Workbench and GrabCAD public archive of CAD models. There are many things you can do with this app. Here are some of the most significant tasks it can do:

  • View any CAD models in full 3D regardless of the format.
  • Read and react to remarks.
  • Make Workbench designs and store files to them.
  • Upload pictures from your mobile devices.
  • Get a snap of your paper sketch and then link it to an existing design and receive comments on that project.


Using this app is like putting all your engineering textbooks in your smartphone. iEngineer provides extensive data about bolt and screw.

By referring to this app, you will know what drill you must use, whether a screw or bolt can endure a specific amount of force you intend to apply into it and many more.

Smart tools HD

This tool almost does it all. This brilliant app can measure angles, distances, slopes, magnetic fields, vibrations and sounds. It also serves as a magnifier, flashlight and GPS.

These engineering apps are available for both iOS and Android operated phones. Note that error may occur in some of these apps. That is why you need to update them every now and then. To do that, you must have a fast internet connection. Also, choose a service provider that offers mobile plans with abundant mobile data because that would come in handy especially when you’re out in the field with no Wi-Fi connection.

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