We all know that home and car audio systems are not ideal in aquatic conditions. That’s why Global Marine Renewable Recommended Product for boats was designed. So, if you’re planning to design your own marine stereo system, invest some of your time here by reading and learning some guidelines on how to do it:

Select a stereo.

Coated electronic parts are the feature of marine stereos that protect them from water damage, salt damage, and UV rays damage. Here are the following considerations when selecting a stereo for your own marine stereo system:

  • Size – The size of your boat’s dash cut-out should decide the stereo size you should have.
  • Installation – You may prefer mounting your stereo rather than installing it in your boat’s dash. For protection against the elements and ability to be mounted, mounted stereos have certain enclosures.
  • Power Output – An amplifier is required if you want your marine audio system to boom out with rich and high volume sound. Large boats that require 4 or more speakers may also need two or more amplifiers. Each amplifier can connect to each speaker with its separate channels.

Decide what features you wish to customize your marine stereo system with.

The more customizations you add to your marine stereo system, the more it will cost you; however, they’re a good investment.

Remote control – You can opt for a wired or wireless remote. The wired remote, however, is more convenient and practical.

  • Waterproofing – This is a must when designing a marine stereo system for obvious reasons.
  • Auxiliary inputs – This could come in handy whenever you want to connect a device to your audio system.
  • Satellite radio – Typically, you have to invest for an aftermarket satellite radio system that is stereo compatible. However, some marine audio systems available in the market already have satellite radio receptor inclusions.

Select what type of speaker for your marine stereo system.

The typical standard for regular sized boats is four speakers. But, you can opt to install more speakers if you wish as long as it fits in your boat or, better yet, if you have a larger boat. Here are some aspects to consider when selecting a speaker:

  • Size – The size of the pre-cut holes in your boat that are for the speakers should decide the speaker size you should buy. Put also into account the depth of these holes.
  • Installation – If your boat only has limited holes for speakers, then you can opt for mount box speakers. You can also add speaker holes on your boat, but it could be very time consuming and will need max precision on your part.
  • Speaker quality – There are a lot of options when it comes to the quality of a speaker. The general thought to keep in mind is that the better the sound quality, the higher its prize. Finalize the placements for all the components of your marine stereo system. (Conclusion)

Once you have all that you need for your stereo system, you will have to decide where to place each of them. Just make sure that they’re placed in a safe spot without bombarding any breathing space on your boat.


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