Every website has its own purpose. It can be a website for socializing, for learning, for medical purposes, for entertainment, and even engineering. If you’re planning to put up a website hosted on certahosting.co.uk and that is related to engineering, here are the things you should keep in mind:

High Quality Images

Don’t use low-quality images. This will make your website look fake and unprofessional. Moreover, it will strip away your viewers’ interest. Use high quality images that are preferably professionally taken instead. It’s better to use photos of your own creation, such as before and after photos as well as the stages between.

It’s also a good idea to put photos of your team while you’re all working. It gives viewers a glimpse of how things are behind the scenes. The last advice is to keep it simple and organized. After all, it’s not a club website, so let your works do the talking.

Put Up Your Portfolio

Make a presentation about your case studies. The viewers would want to know something about you and your works. If not a video, you can make a slideshow of your previously completed projects that will help them determine how you work.

Tell Something About Your Team

Other than your own profile, it’s also good to give visitors a glimpse of your team as well as your history. Include things like your team’s accomplishments, other interests, favorites, motivations, and the reason why you all chose to be in the industry.

Make Information Accessible

Don’t make it hard for your visitors to navigate through your website. If you require them to put in a multitude of details before they access your contact details, chances are they would just flee your site and look for something or somebody else.

After all, nobody wants to deal with somebody complicated. Your website is somehow a representation of you. How you design and organize it speaks a great volume about you.

Show Them How It’ll Be Done

Guide your visitors with a step-by-step tutorial. If possible, provide them with a comprehensible outline of how the process will be from the first steps they will have to take until the last step of the whole transaction.

This will make them well-informed of the next things they need to, thereby lessening the time for you to explain every single detail as they already have an idea. It’s beneficial to both parties.

Show Associations

Put up logos of associations you are involved in. This will boost your credentials, especially if the association is a well-respected one. Put it somewhere your visitors can see it easily.

Give Freebies

It doesn’t have to be big. It can be as simple as free and downloadable brochures or forms. With those, your visitors will feel at ease about your credibility, and they would also take in the hassle-free information gathering as a plus.

Show Your Location on the Map

Potential clients would want to know where to find you aside from where to reach you. That is why you should put a map guide or directions alongside your office address.


Now, every kind of website has its own criteria to be a good and reliable website. It’s not always about the design and good web hosting, content is also important. Make sure to fill in only the necessary and informative content. The more concise your website is, the better.


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