DIY Roofing Without an Engineer

Whenever you think of doing roofing and restoration on your own, you always panic as you would think you don’t have the specialized skills. However, you no longer have to worry because of emergency roof repair, roofing your house is easier than you ever imagined. As long as you have the right tools and take safety precautions, you are good to go. The following guidelines will help you in fixing your roof on your own.
What You’ll Need:

Roofing paper
Roof shingles
2 x 4 bracing…

When to Hire an Engineer During Home Building

Planning for your home can be ecstatically exciting since you can finally put your envisioned house into life. Although the planning process can seemingly be tiring and draining, the aftermath of such fruitful sacrifice can be beautiful. Consider building this up in Illinois because IL’s average premiums are far less then others.
In order to come up with a desirable result from your proposed house plan, you need to hire a team that would help you accomplish your dream house. Structure …

Instagram Tips to Help You Market Your Engineering and Construction Firm

Since its launching in October 2010, Instagram has been continuously growing in popularity among social media enthusiasts. By 2019, the image sharing mobile application has already garnered over a billion active users, making it the most used mobile application next to Facebook. There are many tools like Private Instagram Viewer providing extra features for Instagram and making money with that.
Due to the wide variety of users getting themselves involved within the …