Since its launching in October 2010, Instagram has been continuously growing in popularity among social media enthusiasts. By 2019, the image sharing mobile application has already garnered over a billion active users, making it the most used mobile application next to Facebook. There are many tools like Private Instagram Viewer providing extra features for Instagram and making money with that.

Due to the wide variety of users getting themselves involved within the application, Instagram has also been a starting point for a growing number of small and big businesses from around the globe. In the US alone, an estimated 71% of businesses use Instagram to promote and allow consumers to engage in their products and promotions.

However, it’s not only for the sales and marketing industry alone. Due to its features that are mostly based on image sharing, Instagram is a great and effective way to advertise services and businesses that are otherwise unknown to the general public; a few examples of which are retail, restaurants, and even engineering and construction firms.

Introducing the Business on Instagram

To promote your business in this platform, you may first want to create an effective Instagram profile for your business. To be able to engage more potential consumers, here is a short guide you want to follow:

Explore the Application

Instagram is a rather complicated social platform mainly designed for a younger audience. A business owner may want to experiment with the different features of the application first before indulging themselves with in-app advertising.

Come Up with an Eye-Catching Profile Description

Most Instagram users belong to a younger generation, with 71% of all users being under the age of 35. Since a profile description is the first thing to be seen when a user visits an Instagram profile, it is always an effective way to come up with a witty one without straying too far from professionalism.

Creativity Has Answers

Once an Instagram user gets hooked in your business’ profile description, the next step is to engage them with various creative measures to really catch their attention and explore more of your promotions. Effective ways include going along with the current trends and getting out of your comfort zone to engage more with the public.

Be Consistent

When you get your followers’ attention, you may want to make them interested and excited with every advertisement you post on your Instagram profile. The key to keeping potential customers looking forward to hearing from your business is to post updates regularly. With consistency and creativity by your side, potential customers are more likely to engage with your business and avail of your services than when you settle with dull and overly serious promotions.

Use Customized Hashtags

Make your business easy to find. Just like the mobile application Twitter, Instagram also uses hashtags to sort out posts, all depending on the users’ varying interests. It is advisable to make use of unique hashtags that are easy to remember without any complicated spelling and awkward length. It is always better to use short and simple hashtags so that potential customers will be able to spot and follow you quicker and easier.

Don’t Just Settle with Instagram

There are a lot of other social media platforms to help you build a name in your chosen industry. Most likely, Instagram users also have social media accounts on different platforms. Actively engaging your business with different platforms can help you reach more potential customers and engage yourself with a much broader audience.

Remember that Instagram is not only limited to sales and marketing products, it can also be applicable to different services and institutions like manufacturing, photography, trading, and engineering and construction firms alike.


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