We at CadNex Engineering Solutions understand that manufacturing is critical to the design process. For that, we make sure that all our designers are well-trained and capable of producing high-quality designs that can suit all your needs. These include assembly drawings, general arrangement, P&I diagrams, and manufacture detail drawings.


We use a software called SolidWorks which is a very powerful tool for use in 2D detailing. It is a tool used in all manufacturing forms.

We also use 3D models to create drawings – this is a very strong asset that we are proud of. Our 3D models will give you a visual representation of your product. Any changes or animation to the physical design can also be made in real-time.

All our drawings, together with the associated data like bills of materials, will update simultaneously when any modifications to a 3D model are made. This will result in an efficient workflow since customers can save time as well as money. Errors are also minimized since information is updated in an instant.

Our draughtsmen have an excellent understanding of how important it is to manufacture from clear and accurate drawings. They are trained to be the best at what they do. Therefore, they make sure that our drawings are of high accuracy and precision. We exhaust all the resources you’ve given us – from existing templates to notes and borders – and use these resources to come up with a design in CAD format so you can check if it has met your specifications or not.

We also convert most common CAD formats such as DXF, DWG, PDF, and DWF.