3D models are not just for manufacturing. They are also an important tool in marketing. In fact, they are a game changer when it comes to marketing. From product images and animations to the labels of packaging, 3D models give clients a complete picture of their designs.

Our designers can have a picture of the designs a client needs. By using 3D pictures, they can easily represent their designs and present them to clients with a clear picture of the product. Many clients were not aware of the benefits of 3D models until they have seen our designs. We have created 3D models with the most complex designs which pleased almost all of our clients. It is also a cost-effective measure that is beneficial to both the firm and our clients.

3D rendering is used to create presentations which can be considered flexible, exciting, and of course, creative. Since it is a visual representation, 3D models are easily created without any physical constraints. Using the models we have created, we are able to produce still images and animations that will blow your mind.

Our designers have created walkthroughs for entire plants. This is a great way to advertise and market projects as it can help clients visualize the outcome of your work. They are useful for design review meetings where seeing the full plant even before construction starts is highly essential.

We also use Adobe Photoshop to enhance images that have been created to ensure that the final model will be as realistic as it can be.

3D printing is a technology that plays an important role in business. With such technology, it is possible to print outputs in different sizes, dimensions, or colors. Using the 3D printing technology in producing a full-color and life-size prototype for your customers can significantly reduce errors during the design stage.

We also use 3D scanning for reverse engineering, industrial design, and prototyping. Although it has its limitations, it is still the best option for some projects.

Rapid prototyping is ideal if you want us to quickly replicate a scaled-down model. The physical appearance and assembly of a scaled-down model can also be physically modified through the help of such technology.

The use of 3D CAD data and 3D printing allows us to build a product by creating layers upon layers of materials. They are very useful when it comes to creating complex 3D shapes.